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In the hustle and bustle of daily life, maintaining optimal oral hygiene can be challenging. That's where dental sealants step in as a reliable ally, creating a robust defense against cavities and ensuring your teeth stay healthy for years to come. At Smile Dental Studio, we believe that a preventive approach is the key to preserving your radiant smile, and dental sealants in Phoenix are an essential part of that strategy.

Dental Sealants

Bacteria love to find all the nooks and crannies in teeth, especially in the back teeth used to chew. In addition to brushing and flossing, dental sealants provide another layer of protection. This thin plastic coating fills and adheres to the chewing surface of the teeth to help prevent cavities. Dental sealants are available at Smile Dental Studio in Phoenix and the surrounding area. Our staff can discuss the procedure and answer any questions.
Dental sealants are thin plastic that is bonded to the tooth surface as additional protection against tooth decay. This protective coating helps keep bits of food out of the grooves of the teeth and stops bacteria and acid from settling there. According to the American Dental Association, sealants prevent 80% of cavities in the back teeth.


Sealant Benefits

Dental sealants offer a range of advantages in promoting oral health and preventing cavities. These protective coatings create a formidable shield against harmful bacteria and food particles, particularly benefiting children who may face challenges in maintaining rigorous oral hygiene routines.
Here are some key benefits of dental sealants:

Reduce the Risk of Cavities

The primary benefit of dental sealants is their ability to reduce the risk of cavities. These sealants form a hard surface on the tooth, acting as a barrier against bacteria. By filling in the grooves and depressions, sealants prevent harmful elements from settling in, keeping your teeth cavity-free.


Can Stand Up to Sugary and Sticky Foods

Especially beneficial for children, dental sealants provide added protection against cavity-forming foods. Kids often indulge in sugary and sticky treats that can be challenging to clean off. Sealants help create a defense against these cavity-causing culprits.

Help Compensate for Poor Brushing

Children, in particular, may struggle to maintain consistent oral hygiene habits. Sealants act as a backup, helping compensate for poor brushing habits. Even if a morning tooth-brushing is skipped or nightly flossing forgotten, sealants offer an additional layer of defense.

The Advantages and Disadvantages

During a regular dental visit, we will check the sealant’s condition and reapply it as needed. Sealants need to be monitored and maintained during routine visits to ensure they do not wear away.



In addition to their protective properties, dental sealants have longevity and durability. Research has shown they prevent 80% of cavities for two years after application and continue to protect against 50% of cavities for up to four years. Sealants can even stay in the mouth for as long as nine years.



Children may need to have sealants reapplied if they fall out, chip, or wear away. Dental sealants can get chipped or worn when a patient bites into hard food or eats too much food with high acidic content. 

Candidacy for Dental Sealants


Dental sealants are suitable for both children and adults. While they are beneficial for all age groups, they are particularly recommended for children and teens to prevent cavities. Adults who are prone to tooth decay can also benefit from the protective qualities of dental sealants.

example of dental sealants


FAQ's Dental Sealants

  • What are dental sealants?

    Sealants are a liquid material used to fill the grooves and depressions on the surface of the teeth, especially the molars. This plastic coating bonds to the tooth’s surface. This protects the tooth from lingering food and bacteria, helping to prevent decay.

  • Who should get dental sealants?

    Children and adults can receive dental sealants. However, we typically recommend them for children and teens to help prevent cavities. Adults who are prone to tooth decay are also good candidates for dental sealants.

  • How much do sealants cost?

    The cost of dental sealants varies. It will depend on factors, such as the location, insurance plan, and the number of treated teeth. Patients should contact their insurance provider for more information.

  • Are dental sealants painful?

    The process of applying dental sealants is convenient and painless. We brush the plastic coating onto teeth, which does not cause any pain. Dental sealants will prevent cavities that can cause tooth pain and damage.

  • How long do sealants last?

    If taken care of properly, sealants can last for many years. Our team will ensure that the sealants are not showing any signs of wear and tear during regular dental checkups. Dental sealants are not hard to replace if necessary.

Why Choose Smile Dental Studio for Your Dental Sealants in Phoenix?

At Smile Dental Studio in Phoenix, we prioritize your oral health with a commitment to excellence. Our experienced and dedicated staff ensures that you receive top-notch care through personalized service and a painless application process for dental sealants. Choose us as your trusted partner for a comfortable and effective experience in maintaining your oral well-being.

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