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Smile Dental Studio is your trusted partner in oral health. Our commitment to providing you with cutting-edge technology led us to introduce the revolutionary intraoral scanner TRIOS in Phoenix. Let's explore what makes TRIOS exceptional, its process, benefits, and why Smile Dental Studio is your ideal choice.

Intraoral Scanner TRIOS

In simple terms, intraoral scanner TRIOS is a state-of-the-art dental technology that captures precise 3D impressions of your teeth and oral structures. It replaces traditional messy and uncomfortable impression materials, making your dental experience more comfortable and efficient. TRIOS is equipped with advanced features, ensuring accuracy and reliability in every scan.

TRIOS. A Revolution in Tip Technology

The tip of the scanner is where most of the magic happens. It's where your impression data is captured, so it needs to be rock-solid. Revolutionizing this part of the scanner is what we focused on for our fourth generation scanner.The tip of the scanner is where most of the magic happens. It's where your impression data is captured, so it needs to be rock-solid. Revolutionizing this part of the scanner is what we focused on for our fourth generation scanner.

Scan-ready in seconds

Imagine you don’t need to wait for your scanner to be ready to use. With the use of InstantHeat technology, our fourth-generation scanner tips ensure the mirror inside the tip heats quickly, and no fog (caused by the patient’s breath) will compromise your scan accuracy.

Built-in counter

TRIOS 4 tips come with a built-in counter: it counts the number of times your scanner has been autoclaved, so you know when it’s time to buy new tips. Also, it will let you know when it’s time for a re-calibration, so that your tip is always working at its best capacity.

Benefits of Intraoral Scanner TRIOS

The magic happens at the tip of the scanner – a crucial component for accurate impression data capture. The fourth-generation TRIOS scanner boasts revolutionary tip technology. The InstantHeat technology ensures the scanner is scan-ready in seconds, eliminating unnecessary waiting times. Fog-free scans are guaranteed, enhancing the accuracy of your dental impressions.

Detect wear and tear

The naked eye can see a lot. But it can’t remember the patient situation months or years ago. TRIOS Patient Monitoring software helps you with that: it lets you compare and track so you - and your patient - can see what’s happening on screen. Conveying potential issues and making patients understand what needs to be done will never be the same again.

Detect surface caries with fluorescent light

For preventative care, you need preventative insights. TRIOS 4 gives you these insights by using a combination of two light sources. LED light captures color and surface, and fluorescent light illustrates bacteria. Combining those two in one scan shows you and your patient where caries is developing, so you can engage in dialogue about preventing further problems.

Benefits of Intraoral Scanner TRIOS

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Comfortable Experience

Say goodbye to uncomfortable traditional impressions. TRIOS offers a more pleasant experience, minimizing discomfort during dental procedures.


InstantHeat technology ensures quick scan readiness, saving you time during appointments. The efficient workflow benefits both you and your dental care provider.

Accurate Results

The advanced tip technology and Patient Monitoring software guarantee precise 3D impressions, aiding in accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

Preventative Insights

The ability to detect wear, tear, and surface caries in their early stages empowers proactive prevention discussions and better oral health management.

Enhanced Collaboration

TRIOS facilitates seamless communication between dental professionals, laboratories, and specialists. This leads to enhanced collaboration, ensuring a more comprehensive and coordinated approach to your dental care.

Digital Treatment Planning

TRIOS allows for precise digital treatment planning. The detailed 3D scans enable dentists to visualize and plan treatments more accurately, leading to optimal results and patient satisfaction.

FAQs About Intraoral Scanner TRIOS

  • What is the purpose of TRIOS Patient Monitoring software?

    TRIOS Patient Monitoring software helps us detect wear and tear over time, providing valuable insights for both the dentist and the patient. It facilitates better communication about potential dental issues.

  • How does TRIOS detect surface caries?

    TRIOS 4 utilizes a combination of LED and fluorescent light sources. LED captures color and surface details, while fluorescent light illustrates bacterial activity, allowing early detection of surface caries.

  • Why is the tip technology of TRIOS 4 revolutionary?

    The fourth-generation scanner focuses on revolutionizing the tip technology, ensuring a rock-solid impression data capture. InstantHeat technology and a built-in counter for tip maintenance make it a game-changer in the field.

  • How does TRIOS benefit preventive care?

    TRIOS offers preventative insights by detecting wear, tear, and surface caries in their early stages. This allows for proactive discussions about prevention and better management of oral health.

  • Is the radiation exposure from TRIOS harmful?

    No, TRIOS uses optical technology, eliminating the need for radiation exposure associated with traditional X-rays. It is a safe and non-invasive method of capturing detailed 3D impressions for dental procedures.

  • Can TRIOS be used for restorative dentistry?

    Yes, TRIOS is highly effective in restorative dentistry. Its accurate 3D scans enable precise restoration planning and fabrication, ensuring optimal fit and durability of dental restorations.

  • What is the scanning process like, and is it uncomfortable?

    The scanning process with TRIOS is quick and comfortable. The handheld scanner is gently maneuvered in your mouth by our trained professionals, capturing detailed impressions without the discomfort often associated with traditional methods.

  • How long does it take to receive results from a TRIOS scan?

    With TRIOS, results are generated instantly. The digital nature of the scans eliminates the need for waiting times, allowing our dental professionals to provide prompt and efficient treatment planning.

  • Is TRIOS suitable for children and patients with dental anxiety?

    Yes, TRIOS is suitable for patients of all ages, including children, and those with dental anxiety. The non-invasive and quick scanning process minimizes discomfort, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of patients.

  • Can TRIOS be used for orthodontic treatments?

    Absolutely, TRIOS is versatile and can be used for orthodontic treatments. The precise 3D scans assist in creating accurate models for orthodontic planning, ensuring effective and customized treatment approaches for each patient.

Why Choose Smile Dental Studio for Intraoral Scanner TRIOS in Phoenix?

At Smile Dental Studio, we prioritize your oral health and strive to provide you with the latest advancements in dental technology. Choosing us for your intraoral scanner TRIOS experience ensures:


Our dental professionals are highly trained and experienced in using TRIOS technology, ensuring optimal results.

Comfortable Environment

We create a comfortable and welcoming environment, making your dental experience with TRIOS stress-free.

Comprehensive Care

Our commitment to your well-being extends beyond scanning. We use TRIOS as part of a comprehensive approach to your oral health.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Smile Dental Studio stays at the forefront of dental technology, ensuring you receive the best care available.

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